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Meet Our Partners

Hudson County Coalition

logo“Working to reduce youth substance abuse in Hudson County”

The Hudson County Coalition for a Drug-Free Community (HCCDFC) is comprised of professionals and volunteers working to reduce youth substance use in Hudson County, New Jersey. Partners in Prevention is the Coalition’s fiscal agent, which diligently seeks funding opportunities to magnify the scope and reach of the coalition.

The coalition uses strategies that affect large segments of the population such as:

  • Policy change
  • Community education
  • Community advocacy

img_0225The HCCDFC is made up of representatives from various sectors of the community such as local government, police, prevention and treatment providers, parents, youth, clergy, municipal alliances, and many more. Each sector works together with the agency to conduct a community assessment, build coalition capacity, create a plan, implement strategies, and evaluate the work of the coalition.

The current grants that directly support the HCCDFC are the Drug-Free Communities Support Grant, the Regional Coalition, and the Partnerships for Success Grant.

bgclub-karenaThe Coalition also has a mentoring model to help other coalitions get underway and improve prevention efforts in their communities. Since its launch, HCCDFC has successfully mentored the Rutherford Coalition and Union City Prevention Coalition and prepared them for DFC eligibility. In addition, our HCC assisted the Secaucus Alliance to apply for and receive the Drug Free Communities (DFC) Support Grant.

The HCCDFC establishes connections at schools and other youth serving organizations. In 2014-2015, the groundwork for future task forces was set by creating an instructive guide depicting innovative and impactful activities youth can carry out in their respective schools or communities. This furthers their reach and enables the coalition to develop multiple, sustainable youth task forces across the county.


ltmiLindsey Meyer Teen Institute

Who We Are

Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute (LMTI) is a prevention and leadership training program for middle school, high school, and college students throughout the state of New Jersey.

img_4293In 2015, Partners in Prevention acquired the Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute (LMTI), greatly expanding our youth prevention services throughout New Jersey. LMTI is the third program department PIP has added, complementing our Prevention Education and Hudson County Coalition for a Drug-Free Community departments. And for the first time, we’re directly serving youth, through the Teen Institute, Hudson County and beyond, fulfilling our mission in ways previously not possible. LMTI offers many different training opportunities for middle school, high school, and college students. Through youth designed and implemented prevention initiatives, almost 9,000 students are impacted each year.

img_1824The Teen Institute program has existed in New Jersey since 1987, but in 2005, it was renamed in honor of Lindsey Rose Meyer, a passionate Teen Institute leader who passed away in 2001. LMTI’s mission is to guide young people to realize their leadership potential and become empowered to create positive changes in themselves, their schools, and their communities. LMTI students learn to look at challenges not as roadblocks to be feared or ignored, but as opportunities to be embraced and overcome. In 2014, about 2,700 middle school, high school, and college students were trained by LMTI.

img_4458Through LMTI, we provide young people with opportunities to become strong leaders. We firmly believe that New Jersey youth are not the leaders of tomorrow, but rather they are the leaders of today. New Jersey students know best what challenges exist in their schools and communities; they are the ones who walk through the hallways and down the streets each day. Accordingly, they must be the ones to create change.

About Lindsey Meyer

lindsey-myerLindsey Rose Meyer was a Teen Institute participant in 1998, and a youth staff member in 1999 and 2000. As a student at St. Mary High School in Rutherford, New Jersey, Lindsey was also the President of her school’s alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention group. Lindsey lived with the debilitating disease Cystic Fibrosis, which greatly affects the respiratory and digestive systems of the body. Due to the potential adverse effects on her health, Lindsey was not able to do some of the typical teenage things. She couldn’t participate in athletics because of the strain on her lungs. She couldn’t go to parties where there might be cigarette smoke. She initially came across the Teen Institute program and joined because she felt like it was her only choice left. What started as a last ditch option turned into the place where Lindsey truly found her voice and the calling of her far too short life.

Lindsey passed away in 2001 when she was a senior in high school. In her life, Lindsey gave tirelessly to others and reminded everyone to look at life as a challenge to be embraced, not feared. Lindsey never allowed her illness to stand in the way of what she wanted to achieve. In addition to her work with Teen Institute, Lindsey was well known for leading support groups during her numerous hospital stays, helping younger patients cope with their illness and learn from her experiences. Lindsey embodied the spirit of Teen Institute and laughingly taught others to not only take from life, but to also give back as much as possible.

The Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute was re-named in her honor.