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Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute

ltmi Summer Leadership Conference

The cornerstone of LMTI is a year round program for high school students that kicks off with a 5-day Summer Leadership Conference at Camp Ralph Mason in beautiful Hardwick, NJ.

The goal of the Summer Leadership Conference is to provide student leaders with an experiential learning environment that allows them to develop confidence in themselves and in their abilities and capabilities.

img_4293With a renewed sense of purpose and an enhanced knowledge base, students work throughout the week to develop prevention strategies to create change in their communities and schools. The LMTI staff works closely with students throughout the school year to provide support and motivation as needed through technical assistance and follow up activities.


Custom Programs & Middle School Conference

LMTI works with many schools and communities to develop custom prevention programming that directly meets the goals and needs of specific groups. These programs range from experiential workshops to multi-day trainings and focus on a wide variety of topic areas.


College Track

LMTI’s College Track program is designed specifically for high school seniors who are graduating and moving onto college or the next phase of their lives. The main objective of College Track is to help students gain insight into how to make healthy choices for themselves after high school is over. Students participate in activities that are designed to challenge each individual and to help him or her to understand the importance of making positive personal decisions during their collegiate years.


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