COVID-19 Vaccination Resources

Weโ€™re living through a historic time. With the tremendous scientific feat of a vaccine against COVID-19, there is hope that we may one day live in a COVID-free world. #ThisIsOurShot to end the pandemic and each of us has an important role as trusted messengers to our patients, friends, and community.

We support the national, grassroots social media campaign, #ThisIsOurShot, which aims to elevate the voices of health heroes to build vaccine trust for a COVID-free world. The campaign also seeks to combat coordinated disinformation by focusing on evidenced-based messaging and spreading trusted information using the power of our online networks. We are asking for your help!

We encourage you to share your vaccine-selfie and your personal story on your social media platforms, use #ThisIsOurShot, tag @ThisIsOurShot, engage with your friends, family, and acquaintances. We aim to normalize the act of getting the vaccine, allaying fears, and answering questions that our patients and community members have. Feel free to ask the #ThisIsOurShot social media accounts any medical questions – we have healthcare workers who can help with any questions you or your friends may have. Connect with #ThisIsOurShot on social media below to stay up to date on weekly prompts, social media campaigns, and inspiring talks.

Jersey City Vaccine Locations

VAX Matters

With the New Jersey Department of Healthโ€™s (NJDOH) vaccination county ambassador initiative fully underway, the ambassadors are working closely with counties, local officials and community partners to expand vaccine access and are facilitating innovative ways to boost vaccination.

The ambassadors โ€“ key NJDOH staff selected by the Commissioner to work closely with target municipalities โ€“ are building on existing state, county and local infrastructure and partnerships throughout this next vaccination phase.