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Our 2019 Partners of the Year Reception was held on June 27th at Liberty House in Jersey City. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the New York City skyline, our guests, friends, community partners, and PIP staff enjoyed a lively evening celebrating two outstanding honorees: Dr. Richard Bleecker and the Austin Family Foundation. The annual Partners of the Year Reception honors those who have made significant contributions supporting Partners in Prevention’s mission to improve wellness and prevent substance use disorders and related health challenges in Hudson County and New Jersey.

Dr. Bleecker, a previous PIP Board President, has spent decades championing the agency’s mission and work in the community. We are grateful for the high standard of excellence that is Dr. Bleecker’s hallmark and legacy.

The Austin Family Foundation has been a strong supporter of LMTI and Partners in Prevention, partnering to make events like the Miles Austin Student Athletes Conference possible.

If you did not have the opportunity to place a message in our ad journal, or would like to further support our work as Dr. Bleecker and the Austin Family Foundation have, please consider making a donation!


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